HOGS4DOGS Design Pet Friendly Iowa License Plates

OTTUMWA-HOGS4DOGS-USA has been chosen to be the administrator for a proposed pet-friendly license plate for the state of Iowa.

HOGS4DOGS-USA is excited to share that the Iowa Department of Transportation has conditionally approved the Pet Friendly License Plate designed by their very own Alixandria Collins!! This license plate application has been approved.

Before the plates will actually be manufactured for distribution, they must collect 500 paid applications. The license plate may be displayed on the following vehicles: automobiles, motor homes, multipurpose vehicles, trucks (3, 4 and 5 ton), travel trailers, trailers, and motorcycles.

Plates may be numbered or personalized with a limit of five characters. The design displayed shall be subject to resizing once put into production. To streamline the application process HOGS4DOGS-USA will be the intermediary collector of applications and payments.

The group will not profit from this in any way, and the design is not to be interpreted as exclusively theirs. It is the collective effort of several members who see this as an opportunity to share the love of ALL pets.

HOGS4DOGS-USA will collect the applications and funds and forward them to the Iowa Department of Transportation. Numbered plates will be $25 and personalized will be $50. A $5 fee will later be charged at the time of annual renewal. Applications may be submitted at http://hogs4dogsusa.com

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