November’s Evans Students of the Week

OTTUMWA— Twelve students at Evans Middle School were recognized November 14, 21, and 28 for representing the school’s Standards of Success. Students of the Week included:  Shailynn Gonzalez, Brian Baeza Rosales, Yuleni Curiel, Carter Kendrick, Stephanie Pierce, and Carson Kenney, sixth grade;  Diana Dominguez-Sandoval, Tristan Lemeuse, Anthony Reyman, and Kathleen (Katie) Williams, seventh grade; and Gabe Jacobs and Meghan Coulter, eighth grade.


Standards include being a Responsible Community Member, Compassionate Role Model, and Respectful Individual. These standards can be displayed by attending school and actively participating in the learning process; collaborating with other students; having a positive attitude; listening actively, caring for the environment; and appreciating diverse friendships. Students will be selected each week and will receive a certificate during lunch and an Evans Pride Card.

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