Indoors Column: What Just Happened?

Autumn and our three boys hit the road early Saturday, trying to beat the snow. They were heading to Autumn’s folks’ house and had tickets for a professional wrestling event in the area that night. I really hated to miss the trip but Charlotte had an archery competition that day so we had to stay home. Road trips are always fun, especially when the boys are in a “pro wrestling’ mindset and the roads are covered in snow and ice. Oh well, maybe next time.

Charlotte and I did get to keep Cady, who we are currently trying to ween, so our weekend was not without at least some screaming and violence. I eventually figured out that I could stick a juice box upside down in my t-shirt pocket and the girl was none the wiser.

Upon their arrival, the boys learned that the wrestling event had been cancelled due to the snow. I felt bad for them but at least they’ll have the memories of that calm, peaceful drive to cherish forever.

I made myself especially useful while they were away. We ate only frozen pizzas and Hot Pockets. We went through four liters of pop and a gallon of sweet tea in just over 24 hours. I had no idea what time it was at any point during the day. At one point, I thought it was about 9 p.m. until the bathroom clock told me that it was, in fact, 1:30 in the morning. I watched close to a dozen movies with Charlotte, including: Harry Potter, Mean Girls and some bizarre documentary about humans adopting monkeys and raising them as actual children.

It is clear I have no idea how to control my daughter. Perhaps learning to control the remote would be a good start.