Ottumwa Police Reports December 30, 2016


12/22/2016 10:33AM: Shelton Jr., Gary Lee, 30, 213 South Adams Street, Restraint of Animals (2 Counts)


12/28/2016 05:55AM: Neal, Codi Edward Ray, 21, 111 North Madison Street, Drakesville, (W) Failure to Appear for Pre-trial Conference


12/28/2016 19:00PM: Stillman, Phillip Joel, 47, 1003 Locust Street, (W) Parole Violation


12/28/2016 21:18PM: Showalter, Cain Jacob, 24, 221 South Milner, (W) Probation Violation, (W) Failure to Appear


12/29/2016 01:59AM: Cron, Lesley Shena, 45, 945 South Sheridan Street, (W) Revocation of Pre-trial Release



12/24/2016 00:23AM: South Alley of 300 Block of Richmond Avenue, Driving While Barred, Operation without Registration


12/28/2016: Various Locations, Credit Cards


12/28/2016 06:50AM: 122 North Davis Street, Theft 2nd Degree Auto


12/28/2016 07:45AM: 155 North Moore, Burglary-TFA, Operation without Owner’s Consent


12/28/2016 18:26PM: 130 North Sheridan, Theft 5th Degree (Simple)