OHS Bowler Scores Perfection

OTTUMWA—Thursday, January 5th was a big day for the Ottumwa High School Boys’ Bowling team as they stayed undefeated in their 2016-17 season in a tournament against the Des Moines Hoover Huskies.  However, it was an especially big day for Senior Tyler Cramblit who helped the bulldogs by bowling a perfect second game with a score of 300.  This brought his average for the day to 279.


With this accomplishment, Cramblit becomes only the second OHS male ever to bowl a perfect game in high school competition.


“Tyler is a good bowler and leader,” said Brandon Brooks, coach of the OHS Boys’ Bowling team.  “It was really awesome to be able to see him have the success he did.”


Coach Brooks went on to explain the excitement involved in watching someone bowl a perfect game.  Everyone stops what they are doing to watch it unfold.  He described the environment changing and the room getting quieter as a moment of perfection in sports is taking place.


Coach Brooks also believes that Cramblit has a promising future in the sport if he is interested in moving on to play in college.


“The thing about Tyler is, he is eager to learn and listen to instruction and take it as serious as anyone I’ve coached before,” explains Coach Brooks.  “That is the difference maker at the next level. If a bowler is willing to listen to the advice of the coach on physical game and lane play, they are going to likely be more successful.”