Ottumwa Police Reports January 26, 2017


01/23/2017 23:01PM: Kirkland, Thomas Tramale, 29, Homeless, Interference with Official Acts, (W) Pretrial Release Violation


01/24/2017 13:19PM: Shryock, Jon Monica, 18, 711 North Elm, (W) Theft 5th Degree


01/24/2017 13:43PM: Parker, Christine Ann, 39, 407 North Ash Street, (W) Probation Violation (Controlled Substance), (W) Probation Violation (Theft 2nd Degree), (W) Probation Violation (Theft 3rd Degree)


01/24/2017 18:24PM: Darcy, Robert Louis, 45, 334 Skyline Drive #3, Theft 5th Degree


01/24/2017 18:55PM: Smith, Barry Dirk, 24, 245 Osage Drive, (W) Contempt of Court


01/24/2017 22:35PM: Goemaat, Naomi Lynn, 47, 20034 Copperhead Road, Driving While Barred, No SR-22 Insurance, (W) Failure to Serve Mittimus (Driving While Barred)


01/25/2017 03:03AM: Boatright, Anthony Scott, 20, 653 North Court Street, Robbery 1st Degree (Class B Felony), Theft 1st Degree (Class C Felony), Theft 5th Degree (Simple Misdemeanor)



01/09/2017 1900PM: 1110 North Quincy Avenue #60 (Nail Time), Theft


01/23/2017 07:31AM: 214 North Washington Street Apt. 4, Death Investigation


01/23/2017 18:00PM: 100 Block of South Iowa Avenue, Criminal Mischief


01/23/2017 18:57PM: Ottumwa, Theft 4th Degree (Serious Misdemeanor)


01/23/2017 20:19PM: 500 Block of 4th Street (Ottumwa High School parking lot), Harassment 1st Degree (Aggravated Misdemeanor)


01/24/2017 06:52AM: 1001 East Pennsylvania and 330 West 2nd, Interference with Official Acts


01/24/2017 08:06AM: 1498 West Finley Park (Wildwood Park), Criminal Mischief


01/24/2017 08:06AM: 101 Church Street, Criminal Mischief


01/24/2017 15:17PM: Unknown Location, Ottumwa, Theft


01/24/2017 15:54PM: 616 East Main Street Apt. 1, Criminal Mischief (Simple Misdemeanor)


01/24/2017 16:26PM: 1317 East Mary Street, Forgery (Counterfeit Bill)


01/24/2017 18:10PM: 1940 Venture Drive (Walmart), Theft 5th Degree


01/24/2017 22:28PM: Mary Street and James Street, Driving While Barred, No SR-22 Insurance


01/25/2017 02:14AM: 1301 North Court Street, Robbery 1st Degree, Theft 1st Degree