Wapello County Law Enforcement Center Gets State of the Art Fiber Optic Video Conferencing

OTTUMWA-Mark Miller, Wapello County Sheriff, and Tyler Herrick, Correctional Intake Officer, met with Megan Welcher, LISCO’s Sales/Account Manager in front of the newly installed state-of–the-art video conferencing equipment that connects the Law Center and the Magistrate’s Office.  This state of the art video conferencing is part of the County’s expansion of fiber optic telecommunications services in Ottumwa.


The Wapello County Jail had been using an old TV and camera in the Jail Library since 2000 for inmates to appear in front of a Magistrate Judge instead of being driven up to the courthouse.  Inmates, sometimes in groups, had to be escorted from intake to the jail library where the equipment was permanently located. Correction Officer Herrick explained that inmates sat in front of a CCTV camera and TV which was mounted in a large wheeled cabinet with some video encoder equipment.  A large server rack at the court house was needed to provide signaling over point-to-point fiber to the law center.


LISCO had recently installed a hosted PBX phone system for the County, making it economical to upgrade and replace the video conferencing between the Law Center and the Magistrate’s office.  LISCO added a state-of -the art Hosted PBX server at the Law Center with two video conference phones that have built in displays and cameras.    The Law Center needed to replace the outdated equipment and improve the cumbersome arrangement.  “The new LISCO arrangement is safer for officers and inmates alike,” said Officer Herrick.


Paul Culver, Wapello County Information Technology Director, explained that technology allows the Sheriff’s office to safely conduct hearings between inmates at the jail and the judges without physically transporting inmates even to the Law Library.  “The video phones can be put anywhere, not just one specific location”, said Paul Culver.  Sheriff Miller added, “Not only is this safer, but it is more efficient and this is exactly how we hoped to upgrade for reliable fast connections between the jail and the Magistrate’s office.”


LISCO has installed more than twenty-five miles of fiber optic mainline throughout Ottumwa to serve the Wapello County Courthouse, Engineering Office, Law Enforcement Center, Veterans Affairs, Wapello Building, Partners in Progress, numerous hotels, banks and businesses in order to deliver its high speed symmetrical data transport.   Because of LISCO’s two-way gigabit main line fiber optic expansion in Ottumwa, small businesses can obtain fiber telecommunications connections with economical installation for the fiber drops to connect their businesses to LISCO’s network.  Two way gigabit high speed transport is especially important to customers who need constant, reliable, symmetrical up and down internet speeds.


In the past few years, LISCO has extended its fiber optic network throughout more southeastern communities than any other provider to bring the fastest data speeds anywhere in the US.

LISCO is an Internet service provider for telephone and Internet access throughout southeastern Iowa communities.   More than 12,000 customers over the past 20 years have used LISCO for their internet connections, including major businesses, utility companies, banks, police departments, schools, libraries, city and county governments.  Internet service is an essential component in the future economic development of Southeast Iowa, and LISCO is the major independent ISP in this market.