OTTUMWA—Could a professional wrestling circuit be in the future for Ottumwa?  Possibly, and the Ottumwa Post is working hard to make it happen.


Professional wrestling is popular among many citizens of Ottumwa and has been for many years.  In the 1970s and 80s pro wrestling events were regularly held in Ottumwa at the Ottumwa Coliseum.  Traveling pro circuits from the region would often stop in Ottumwa, and they brought with them many up and coming stars in the sport.


During the late 90s there seemed to be a lull in interest and the smaller pro circuits didn’t have the crowd draw that they once did.  However, over the last decade the fans seem to have returned.  There are now a number of active independent wrestling promoters in the United States.  Of that long list, three promoters are based out of Iowa alone.  Impact Pro Wrestling (IPW) is based in Algona and was founded in 2001.  Pro Wrestling Phoenix (PWP) is based in Council Bluffs and was founded in 2005.  And finally, 3XWrestling (3XW) is based in Des Moines and was also founded in 2005.  All three organizations travel throughout the Midwest for events with ever growing fan interest, have won championships, and have featured national wrestling stars.


However, there is one problem with all three of these Iowa promoters.  None of them are located in southern Iowa.  Because of this, the Post had an idea.  Why not reach out to a pro wrestling promoter and try to talk them into starting a pro circuit right here in Ottumwa?  So, that is exactly what we did!  We are all for anything that brings people, money, and fun to the community, and we believe this would do just that.  Besides, if a promoter can be successful in the small town of Algona with a population of less than 6,000, then Ottumwa can do it too.


Because nothing is official at this time, we are unable to release information on the promoter that has shown interest.  But now, we need our readers’ help.  It is time to prove that Ottumwa has the interest and the talent to make a pro wrestling circuit successful.  We are asking for anyone interested in participating to contact us to let us know.  Please send in photos dressed as potential characters or showing off your physique.  We will also accept videos that might demonstrate your great physical abilities or acting skills.


“We could make a good wrestler out of someone who is athletic, or someone who can play an interesting character,” said the promoter.  “We can make a great wrestler out of someone with both.”


Please send photos or videos with your name and contact information to  Not interested in being a wrestler yourself?  We can still use your help.  As we receive entries from those interested, we will be sharing in print and online.  We will appreciate your comments and input via social media once the time comes.