Throwback Thursday February 2, 2017

It’s time for another “Throwback Thursday”, a weekly column that takes a look back in time at some of the well-known people and places of Ottumwa. ((Break)) The goal of this pictorial column is to allow readers to take a walk down memory lane.  Photos used will show people, places, and events from Ottumwa’s past.  Readers are also invited to get involved.  Please feel free to share any relevant pictures with us and you just might see it published online.  Contact us through any of our social media outlets or email, just make sure to tag the pictures with #throwbackthursday or #tbt.

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Court Street, 1922

Photo taken from the corner of the Cooper building on Main Street.  Picture shows Central Park and the Courthouse.  Background shows the wooded hills of the north side residential area of Ottumwa.



Wapello County Courthouse, 1922, at the corner of Court and Fourth Streets as it still stands today.



Ottumwa City Hall, as seen from Fourth Street in 1922.  However, at that time it was known as the Federal Building and housed the Post Office, at the corners of Third and Court Streets.



The old Ottumwa High School building is pictured here in 1922, its last year of operation.  The large brown, stone structure was located on West Fourth Street.  The building had been home to Ottumwa’s high schoolers since 1901.



Pictured is an artist’s rendering of the new Ottumwa High School building in 1922, shortly before its completion in 1923.  The building is still home to OHS today and stands atop the Second Street hill.  Bonds in the amount of $750,000 were voted on and passed in order to erect the building.  At that time, the new structure was considered one of the finest school buildings in the state of Iowa.  It was going to have advancements that were unheard of for the school at that time.  The new building included a 1500 seat auditorium with a large stage area.  Something that was needed for the entire community.  Space in the old building was needed for classrooms, therefore, until 1923 the students had gone without any type of physical training or physical education.  The new building would include not only a gymnasium but also a swimming pool.