Indoors Column: Super Char X

Our daughter Charlotte turned 10 on Monday.  I always see people post on Facebook when their kids have birthdays.  They always say something like, “I can’t believe she’s 10 already!” or “It seems like only yesterday that she was just a baby.”

My reaction is slightly different.  I can’t believe she’s ONLY 10.  It just seems like she has always been around.  I feel like she’s been reading for at least fifteen years.  We depend on her for a lot.  She can cook and clean and she is really the only person on the planet who understands our 4 -year-old Clane.

She reads me things I can’t see, tends to our animals and does a pretty good job of keeping me up to date on current events.  She can’t be just 10.

I feel like we were in the war together back in Korea – or maybe we played football together in college.  I just feel like we’ve known each other much longer than ten years.

I feel kind of bad that turning ten doesn’t grant her any special privileges.  I feel like she ought to be able to buy lottery tickets or cigarettes or something.

Sunday, I let her drive our giant van around the property.  It’s not cigarettes, but it was the best I could come up with.  She did pretty well, even with her three little brothers screaming in the back.  And really, who better to learn from than her blind, non-licensed father?

I won’t ramble on with embarrassing sentiments.  Now that she is 10, she just doesn’t have the stomach for that type of thing.  She probably won’t even want to be in the same room with me when we get our birthday tattoos.

Happy Birthday Char!