State Speech Competition Results

OTTUMWA— Several Ottumwa High School students earned Division I ratings at the Iowa High School Speech Association’s State Large Group competition held February 4. The highlight of the event was Ottumwa’s One Act team was selected to perform at All State for the third year in a row. “This is a big deal,” according to speech coach, Natalie Dommer. “There are 190 one acts registered across the state and we are one of the final eight that get to perform at the All State Festival.”


Students earning Division I’s include:

One Act Play, “First Person Shooter,” written by Don Zolidis and directed by Natalie Dommer:  Alex Halvorsen, Dylan Paulk, Esther Emberton, Grace Milder, Isabella O’Brien, Jenna Post Kele Allison, Melanie Forcier, Riley Albertson, Jacob Rupe, and Leslie Saunders.


Reader’s Theatre, “The Cave,” written by Tim Kelly and directed by Natalie Dommer:  Alexis Kleinfelder, Alexis Young, Alyssa Carrow, Bailee Rominger, Chris Caldwell, Elizabeth Milner, Martha Melchor, Mataya McClish, Samantha Turner, Savannah Ford, Shyanne Adkison, and Yalita Curiel.


Choral Reading, “Insomnia,” written & directed by Natalie Dommer:  Caitlin James, Grace Milder, Jennifer Culver, Jordan Halgren, Leslie Saunders, Madalyn Morris, and Megan Leonard.


Ensemble Acting, “Time Flies,” by David Ives and directed by Spencer Sones:  Collin Kepner, Jacob McDowell, and Yalitza Curiel.


Several students also earned Division II’s:

Radio Broadcasting,  Alyssa Carrow, Samantha Turner, Elizabeth Milner, and Erlinda Aldaba.


Musical Theatre, David Halvorsen and Megan Leonard.


Group Mime, Zack Kirkman, Alexis Young, Alexis Kleinfelder, Melanie Forcier, and Bailee Rominger.