WCCB Hosts Iowa’s Wild Beauty Program

OTTUMWA – One of Iowa’s finest nature photographers, Ty Smedes will be presenting a program entitled “Iowa’s Wild Beauty” at Pioneer Ridge Nature Center.  This program will include perhaps the most beautiful and diverse collections of Iowa nature images ever!  This visual treasure takes the viewer on a photographic journey to every corner of the state.  You will discover colorful prairies, beautiful streams, and forested wilderness areas which contain rare plants, birds, mammals, reptiles, and colorful butterflies. From a tiny crab spider hiding among the petals of a beautiful wildflower, to the bison mega-fauna that roam the prairie hilltops of western Iowa’s Loess Hills, Iowa’s beauty is on full display.  Ty’s images along with colorful narrative provide an intimate look at Iowa’s natural world.

There will be an opportunity to buy one of Ty’s books, each highlighting a special aspect of Iowa.  This program will be on Thursday, 16 February 2017 at 7:00 p.m.