Cardinal Shooting Comets Archers Host Tournament

Eldon, Iowa-The Cardinal Shooting Comets hosted a tournament on Saturday, February 18th.

The Cardinal Elementary Team finished in 1st place.  Individual medals were given to:

Karson Kirkpatrick, 4th with score of 259,

Montana Rupe, 5th with a score of 258,

Colton Zaputil, 6th with score of 253,

Owyn Johnson 8th with score of 242,

Skyllar Welch finished 2nd for the Elementary girls with score of 258,

Heidi Wemmie finished 5th with score of 237.


The Cardinal Middle School finished in 3rd place.  Individual medals went to:

Allison Sloan placed 7th with score of 270,

Michael Mullikin finished 7th with score of 276,

Dylan Telfer finished 8th with 275.


The Cardinal High School team finished in 2nd place.  Individual medals were presented to:

Danielle Jameson 3rd with a score of 280,

Triston Brown placed 3rd with a 285,

Theodore Davis placed 5th with a score of  283.






Cardinal Elementary placed 1st in 3-D.  Individuals placing were:

Karson Kirkpatrick 1st with score of 258,

Montana Rupe 2nd with score of 257,

Mason Grove 4th with score of 245

Owyn Johnson 5th with score of 244

Chase Johnson 8th with score of 219

Haylee Fountain 2nd with score of 233

Heidi Wemmie 5th with score of 207


Cardinal Middle School placed 4th in 3-D.  Individual placings went to:

Allison Sloan 1st with score of 277

Michael Mullikin 6th with score of 276


Cardinal High School placed 2nd in 3-D.  Individual placings went to:

Theodore Davis 3rd with score of 278

Triston Brown 7th with score of 267

Brodie Mairet 19th with score of 264

Danielle Jameson placed 4th with score of 273

Paige Evans 5th with score of 271

Casandra Sparkman 6th with score of 270