City To Notify Residents Of Mowing Responsibility

OTTUMWA-A number of Ottumwa property owners will receive a letter in  March regarding their responsibilities for the maintenance of vegetation on their property, including the area commonly known as public right-of- way to the edge of the street or alley.


City staff have identified approximately 114 private property owners who own lots where the City has been mowing grass and weeds in the right-of-way.   Many of these locations are near wooded lots and land being used for agricultural purposes.   The City will no longer maintain those areas of private property near the roadway.   Under law, property owners are responsible for the mowing and maintenance of  vegetation on their property.


City Administrator Andy Morris said,  “The City has an obligation to be a good steward of public resources.  This mowing list started with the best of intentions; to quickly deal with a visibility issue or address a one-time nuisance. But for the long term, it is not fair to ask the taxpayers of Ottumwa to pick up the tab for routine mowing of private property.”


Morris indicated that the notification letters will be sent in March, well ahead of the mowing season.


Residents with questions or concerns about property maintenance in Ottumwa can contact the City of Ottumwa Health and Inspections Department at 641-683-0610.