League of Women Voters Sponsor “Coffee Talk”

OTTUMWA-The League of Women Voters of Ottumwa is sponsoring an informal Legislative forum on Saturday March 4, at Market on Main, in downtown Ottumwa.


Early in this legislative session Senator Mark Chelgren, Rep. Mark Gaskill, Senator Ken Rozenboom, and Rep.Larry Sheets told League they would participate in all three of the scheduled Legislation forums planned in Ottumwa during this Legislative session.


Voters filled the room at the first structured Forum on February 4th.  Voters asked that the League also sponsor forums where they could talk directly to legislators, without time constraints on the legislator or on the voter asking questions.


The League forum, called “Coffee Talk”, will allow voters to come and go from the Market between 10AM and 12 noon, to speak to all or just one of the legislators, for as long as they want.  No numbers, no time limits, no standing at microphones.  Each Legislator will have their own table and chairs so voters can easily meet and move on or stay for longer discussions.


Significant legislation has been passed in both the Iowa House and Senate during the last 30 days.  At this League forum, Voters may express their appreciation or their concerns regarding laws passed and those pending.  Legislators will be able to explain how they believe legislation is affecting Iowans.


There is no charge to participate in all or part of the “Coffee Talk”. The building is accessible. Free parking is available in the Green street lot.  Coffee will be provided. The regular vendors in the Market’s upper floor will be pleased to serve all citizens.