Spirit of America Rally Organized for Ottumwa

OTTUMWA-A Spirit of America rally will be held in Ottumwa on Saturday, March 4th.  These rallies have been springing up across the country, as purely an organic movement, loosely organized by supporters of Donald Trump as a national effort to show support for the nation’s newly elected president.

Organizers are saying that these rallies have been organized as a show of peaceful force by the “silent majority”, as a counter reaction to recent and sometimes violent demonstrations against Trump’s efforts to institute his campaign promises.  Organizers are inviting everyone, regardless of political party affiliation, to attend and participate as a simple display of unity for the concerns of America’s future.  And as a show of support for President Trump’s visions for a more prosperous, fair, and unified nation.

Ottumwa’s Spirit of America rally will be held at 10 am on March 4th at Central Park’s Municipal Band Shelter at 106 North Court located south of the Wapello Court House.  Speakers will include State Senator Mark Chelgren, Trump Campaign field director Dennis Rysdam, and Pastor Larry Ulrich.  The event’s MC will be Ed Dursky.