Ottumwa Police Reports March 14, 2017


03/08/2017 05:45AM: Kirkland, Thomas Tramale, 29, Refused, (W) Failure to Appear on Interference with Official Acts, Prohibited Acts (Possession of Marijuana)


03/09/2017 12:48PM: Woodard, Gage Rex, 18, 322 West 5th Street, (W) Harassment 1st


03/10/2017 09:21AM: Vest, Trenton Tyler, 21, 334 Skyline #17, (W) Theft 4th Degree


03/10/2017 09:21AM: Whittington, Brett Alan, 30, 1124 Richmond Avenue, (W) Probation Violation


03/10/2017 13:17PM: Dimmit, Judith Diane, 53, 526 North Sheridan, Disorderly Conduct, Public Intoxication


03/10/2017 15:14PM: Wynn, Alexander Aydon, 19, 913 Russell, Arson 1st Degree


03/10/2017 15:17PM: Clawson, Jesse James, 29, 523 Ray Street, (W) Driving While Barred, (W) Operating Vehicle without Owner’s Consent


03/10/2017 19:03PM: McCarty, Megan Rae, 24, 537 South Milner, Disorderly Conduct


03/10/2017 21:15PM: Heifort, Chad Allen, 25, 310 North Street, (W) Probation Violation


03/11/2017 02:05AM: Smith, Nigel Jevay, 21, 720 North Fellows Apt. 1, Harassment of a Public Official, (W) Parole Violation


03/11/2017 11:15AM: Pickerell, Cody Alan, 27, 1046 Bruce Street, Felon in Possession of a Firearm, Intimidation with a Dangerous Weapon (Class C Felony)


03/11/2017 11:52AM: Ellis, Vance Edward, 29, 203 North 3rd, Ollie, Driving While Barred, No SR-22 Insurance


03/11/2017 21:43PM: Wilson, Richard Anthony Jr., 24, 1242 Gurley Avenue, Operating While Intoxicated


03/11/2017 23:36PM: Duncan, Chrystal Carmon, 714 North Cooper Street, Disorderly Conduct


03/11/2017 23:37PM: Turner, Mitchell James, 29, 714 North Cooper Street, Disorderly Conduct


03/12/2017 00:50AM: Crouse, Gary Wayne, 46, 405 South Davis Street, Public Intoxication


03/12/2017 03:24AM: Grooms, Sydney Ann, 21, 5618 150th Avenue, Operating While Intoxicated 1st


03/12/2017 06:17AM: Fahey, Jameson Joseph, 23, Homeless, (W) Attempted Child Abuse (2 Counts)


03/12/2017 10:45AM: Wilt, Summer Dawn, 34, 1749 Mable, (W) Interference with Official Acts



03/03/2017 11:14AM: Ottumwa, Unauthorized Use of Credit Card


03/04/2017 16:32PM: 113 South Elm, Leaving the Scene of an Accident


03/05/2017 10:24AM: 533 North Jefferson, Forgery (Class D Felony)


03/06/2017 16:11PM: 2453 North Court (Hy-Vee parking lot), Theft 4th Degree


03/07/2017 18:57PM: 415 Gray Street, Theft 2nd Degree


03/08/2017 05:45AM: 330 West 2nd Street, Prohibited Acts (Possession of Marijuana)


03/08/2017 09:07AM: 609 East Williams Street, Burglary 3rd Degree, Burglary 3rd Degree (TFA)


03/08/2017 10:19AM: 509 West 5th Street Apt. 4, Criminal Mischief 5th Degree, Attempted Burglary 3rd Degree


03/09/2017 06:30AM: 143 North Ward, Criminal Mischief 5th Degree


03/09/2017 08:23PM: 402 Gara Street, Striking Unattended Vehicles


03/09/2017 11:13AM: 1200 East Main Street, Criminal Mischief 2nd Degree (Class D Felony)


03/09/2017 22:06PM: 334 Osceola Street, Theft 2nd Degree


03/10/2017 08:06AM: 515 Lake Road, Burglary (Auto)


03/10/2017 12:55PM: Ash and 4th Streets, Disorderly Conduct, Public Intoxication


03/10/2017 14:41PM: 309 South Iowa Avenue, Burglary 3rd Degree


03/10/2017 19:03PM: 330 West 2nd Street, Disorderly Conduct


03/10/2017 19:17PM: 514 Minneopa Avenue, Serious Assault


03/11/2017 01:50AM: 300 Block of East Main Street, Harassment of a Public Official


03/11/2017 03:23AM: 116 South Court Street, Criminal Mischief 5th Degree, Possession of a Firearm by a Felon, Intimidation with a Dangerous Weapon (Class C Felony), Going Armed with Intent


03/11/2017 06:00AM: 1046 Bruce Street, Criminal Mischief 2nd Degree (Class D Felony)


03/11/2017 11:40AM: 1200 Block of Stellar, Driving While Barred, No SR-22 Insurance


03/11/2017 16:52PM: 500 Block of Minneopa, Striking Unattended Vehicle


03/11/2017 16:56PM: 123 North Iowa Avenue, Trespass


03/11/2017 21:13PM: Fourth and Wapello, Operating While Intoxicated (First Offense)


03/11/2017 21:23PM: 1102 Elm Court, Assault


03/11/2017 23:28PM: 100 Block of South Court Street, Disorderly Conduct


03/12/2017 00:30AM: 330 West 2nd Street, Public Intoxication


03/12/2017 03:05AM: 1300 Block of North Court Street, Operating While Intoxicated 1st


03/12/2017 03:36AM: 258 South Ransom, Arson 2nd Degree


03/12/2017 10:35AM: 353 Osceola, Criminal Mischief


03/12/2017 15:14PM: Unknown, Striking Unattended Vehicle


03/13/2017 10:00AM: 623 Grace Street, Theft 2nd Degree