Ottumwa Police Reports March 21, 2017


03/13/2017 11:45AM: Murrell, Stephen James, 25, 214 North Weller Street, Animals that Bite, Restraint of an Animal, Failure to License Dog


03/15/2017 10:44AM: Coyne, Zachariah James, 23, 193 North Miles Apt. #4, Fremont, (W) Carrying Weapons, (W) Prohibited Acts-Methamphetamine, (W) Prohibited Acts-Marijuana


03/15/2017 11:20AM: Muto, Justin Anton, 27, 501 West Woodland Avenue #1, (W) Violation of a No Contact Order (2 Counts)


03/15/2017 15:06PM: Pluemer, Christopher David, 35, 426 North Madison Street, Theft 5th Degree


03/16/2017 02:24AM: Hartwig, Charles David, 34, 5129 Maplewood Drive, Greendale, Wisconsin, Public Intoxication


03/16/2017 02:24AM: Hopkins, James Allen, 30, 516 North Jackson, Elk Horn, Wisconsin, Public Intoxication, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia


03/16/2017 02:24AM: Ward, Kendra Jean, 27, 710 Gladstone Street, Assault, Public Intoxication


03/16/2017 04:09AM: Simmons, Nicholas William, 25, Homeless, Oskaloosa, Operating While Intoxication 2nd Offense


03/16/2017 05:24AM: Dixon Jr., Frederick, 34, 1026 West 3rd Street, Domestic Abuse Assault, Prohibited Acts-Marijuana


03/16/2017 07:37AM: Dyer, Aaron Eugene, 48, 203 South Milner, (W) Failure to Appear


03/16/2017 08:30AM: Faoro, Kimberly Anne, 37, 807 South Sheridan Avenue, Driving While Barred


03/16/2017 09:45AM: Stansberry, Robert Eugene, 62, 906 South Lillian, Theft 4th Degree


03/16/2017 11:54AM: Smith, Terrance Lamont, 22, 321 North Washington Street, (W) Robbery 2nd Degree, (W) Theft 1st Degree, (W) Failure to Affix Drug Tax Stamp, (W) Prohibited Acts


03/16/2017 17:42PM: McClurg, Della Irene, 28, 1828 West Main, Leaving the Scene of an Accident


03/16/2017 20:00PM: Baxter, Felicia Dawn, 23, 3005 East Main Street, (W) Failure to Appear on Public Intoxication, (W) Failure to Appear on Trespass


03/17/2017 20:38PM: Stephens, Steve Ronald, 56, 1534 Albia Road #216, Domestic Abuse Assault (Serious)


03/17/2017 21:53PM: Thomas, Samantha, 30, 835 Richmond, Domestic Abuse Assault Causing Bodily Injury


03/18/2017 05:02AM: Felkins, Tracy Ann, 39, 405 North 6th Street, Fairfield, Public Intoxication


03/18/2017 16:00PM: Mourton, Angela Marie, 46, 345 North Ferry, (W) Failure to Appear


03/18/2017 20:59PM: Mason, Zachary Craig, 27, 607 Morris Street, (W) Failure to Serve Mittimus, (W) Failure to Appear


03/19/2017 01:00AM: Kunzendorf, Thomas Raymond, 27, 1011 SE 3rd Street Apt. 10, Ankeny, Operating While Intoxicated (1st Offense)



03/08/2017 17:19PM: 414 North Benton Street, Theft 4th Degree


03/12/2017 17:30PM: 442 North 5th Street, Burglary 3rd Degree (Class D Felony)


03/13/2017 10:47AM: 1009 East Pennsylvania Avenue, Theft 4th Degree


03/14/2017 10:00AM: 15260 Truman Street (ACA), Criminal Mischief 5th Degree


03/15/2017 08:15AM: 501 East 2nd (OHS), Theft 5th Degree


03/15/2017 14:54PM: 1325 North Quincy Avenue, Theft 5th Degree


03/15/2017 17:35PM: Various Locations, Credit Cards


03/15/2017 23:11PM: 1609 Calvin Place, Burglary 3rd Degree, Theft 3rd Degree


03/15/2017 23:21PM: 143 North Ward Street  #1, Theft 5th Degree


03/16/2017 02:00AM: 100 Block of North Court Street, Assault (Serious Misdemeanor)


03/16/2017 02:02AM: 100 Block of North Court/330 West 2nd Street, Public Intoxication, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia


03/16/2017 02:02AM: 100 Block of North Court, Assault (Serious Misdemeanor)


03/16/2017 03:42AM: Weller Street and Wabash Avenue, Operating While Intoxicated 2nd Offense


03/16/2017 03:58AM: 300 Block of Skyline Drive, Discharging Weapons


03/16/2017 05:24AM: 1026 West 3rd Street, Domestic Abuse Assault (Serious)


03/16/2017 08:24AM: Church Street and Weller, Driving While Barred


03/16/2017 09:10AM: 1102 East 4th Street (Wilson Elementary), Assault (Simple)


03/16/2017 10:51AM: 15229 Truman Street (Ottumwa Job Corps Center), Theft 5th Degree


03/16/2017 13:28PM: 14401 Terminal Avenue, Burglary 3rd Degree


03/16/2017 17:42PM: Arrison and West 2nd Street, Leaving the Scene of an Accident


03/16/2017 18:34PM: 854 North Quincy Avenue (Goodwill), Theft


03/17/2017 06:10AM: 723 North Johnson, Burglary 3rd Degree-TFA


03/17/2017 12:06PM: 2211 Roemer Avenue #19, Theft 5th Degree


03/17/2017 13:14PM: 309 North Market, Theft 5th Degree (Simple)


03/174/2017 15:45PM: 1020 North Quincy Avenue, Theft 2nd Degree (Class D Felony)


03/17/2017 18:24PM: 1534 Albia Road #216, Domestic Abuse Assault (Serious)


03/17/2017 20:58PM: 835 Richmond, Domestic Abuse Assault (Serious)


03/18/2017 04:40AM: Iowa Avenue and Highway 34, Public Intoxication


03/18/2017 10:46AM: 705 Queen Anne, Theft 2nd Degree (Class D Felony)


03/18/2017 12:48PM: 800 Albia Road, Burglary


03/18/2017 21:07PM: North Madison Avenue and East Vine Street, Operating While Intoxicated


03/19/2017 00:21AM: 2511 North Court Street (Courtside Bar and Grill), Operating While Intoxicated (1st Offense)


03/19/2017 08:09AM: 1119 West Mary Street, Theft 5th Degree