Alumni Volleyball Tournament Held

OTTUMWA— On Sunday, March 12, the OHS volleyball program sponsored an Alumni Volleyball Tournament.  Six teams entered, five from Ottumwa and one from Oskaloosa. For some it was the first time in a long time, for others it was another chance to play again.  No matter what, it was fun for everyone.

Players from different eras of Ottumwa volleyball competed against each other and no matter the score there was some great volleyball on both sides of the net. Parents as well as husbands and children were there to cheer on the players. Everyone enjoyed the memories of coming back to the volleyball court one more time to support their alma mater. 

Finals featured the Osky Alums and Ottumwa’s 007 teams.  The match went two sets with scores of 25-23 and 25-21 with 007 coming out as the victors.  Members on the 007 team were: Dana (Roberts) Spree, Karie Downing, Erin (Downing) Gorman, Kelsie Ryder, Kayla (Black) Miller, Megan Black, and Taylor Sessions.

The volleyball program plans to continue hosting an annual alumni tournament each spring.