ORHC Celebrates National Doctor’s Day

OTTUMWA-Doctors are those with whom we place our complete trust, often relying on them in our most vulnerable moments. National Doctors Day, which occurs on March 30th, is meant to bring attention to the service of all physicians and their contribution to individual health and medical progress.

Doctor’s Day was first instated in Georgia on March 30, 1933, after Eudora Brown Almond, the wife of a physician, decided there should be a day to appreciate physicians. March 30 was a meaningful date because it was the anniversary of the first use of general anesthesia in surgery, which occurred in 1842. The first Doctor’s Day consisted of sending cards to physicians and their wives, placing flowers on the graves of deceased doctors, and having a dinner in their honor. In 1990, President Bush signed the day as a national holiday. Today, the nationwide day of appreciation can involve tokens of appreciation of any sort toward physicians, typically practiced by health care organizations.

Doctors and other health professionals, work very hard, long hours in their offices, surgeries and hospitals. What is one of the most important factors to being successful in their work?  “For me, it’s important there is a level of trust in the doctor –patient relationship,” says Dr. Sandro Younadam, Internal Medicine Physician with Ottumwa Primary Care and Chief Medical Officer for ORHC.  “If my patient doubts what I am saying, explaining procedures and recommending treatment can be nearly impossible.  We need the patient to partner with us and do their part to help them achieve and maintain optimal health.”

Ottumwa Regional Health Center celebrates National Doctor’s Day by inviting Ottumwa area physicians to lunch at the hospital and presenting them with a small gift of thanks.  “We are so appreciative of the work and efforts of physicians every day and the impact they have on so many”, said Phil Noel, CEO. “They are the heart of a great health care team.”