Indoors Column: Privacy Issues

They say that when one door closes, another one opens.  Let’s hope that’s not true.  Two years after breaking our bathroom door to rescue a toddler, I have finally replaced it with a fully functional, locking door.


I have to admit, I am so accustomed to having no privacy that I really never cared about the door.  And frankly, it isn’t much more relaxing to do your business with five kids pounding on a locked door than it was when they could just burst in unannounced.


I would have been just fine with moving the toilet to the living room so we wouldn’t have to pause movies every five minutes when some child needs to relieve themselves.


But, with Charlotte getting older, my wife insisted it was time we get the door replaced.  Apparently, females require more privacy than us men.  It’s strange.  Men rarely have much to say, but we don’t mind having someone to chat with when we’re in the can.


It must get worse as you get older.  If you’ve ever been in the men’s locker room at the Y, you would know what I mean.  It seems the older guys get, the longer their conversations get, and the less likely they are to be dressed while conversing.


I’m not sure any of those old guys even work out.  They just show up, take their clothes off, and start talking.


Come to think of it, this whole bathroom door thing may have had nothing to do with Charlotte at all.  Perhaps the family is afraid of what I’ll start doing at my rapidly advancing age.