Guest Editorial: Dr. Marlene Sprouse, IHCC President

April is Community College Month, so let’s take a few minutes to celebrate the 1,200 community colleges across the nation and everything that they do for the communities they serve.


Although each of the nation’s community colleges has a formal mission or purpose statement, my favorite way to explain what community colleges do is to say that they bring educational opportunities as close to their constituents as possible and they raise the education level of all with whom they come in contact.


Learning can happen in a formal setting or in an informal setting. Learning can happen in a classroom, a lab, online, in a work setting, or just in conversation with someone. These are the types of situations and experiences that community colleges create for people with whom they interact.


It doesn’t matter whether someone is learning calculus or welding or plant bedding. It doesn’t matter if the learner is a teenager or an octogenarian. It doesn’t matter whether the learner is working on a high school diploma, an industry certificate, or a degree. It doesn’t matter whether the learner is from next door or the next state or a different country. Learning is the one thing that propels us ahead in life. Learning gives us a sense of accomplishment. Learning gives us confidence. Learning helps us concentrate and focus. Learning gives us ways to make a living and ways to make a life.


Every day at Indian Hills Community College we welcome the chance to provide these learning opportunities. It is an awesome challenge that we have been given. We enthusiastically accept that challenge, and we are proud to be an integral part of the learning that takes place across our region every day.


Life. Changing. Learning.


Marlene Sprouse, Ed.D.

President, Indian Hills Community College