What’s the Fate of Rue 21 in Ottumwa?

OTTUMWA-In what has already been a difficult year for retailers, another has now been added to the list that will close hundreds of stores throughout the country.  Teen clothing retailer, rue21, who does have a local store in Quincy Place Mall, will be closing down 400 of its 1194 store locations after struggling to stay afloat financially.


The store made the official announcement via its Facebook page on Saturday, April 15th.  “It’s true – we are closing some stores,” the retailer stated.  “It was a difficult but necessary decision. We still have hundreds of locations across the country, and our website rue21.com, open for business.”


The brand has faced financial hardship in the past.  In 2002, under their former name, rue21 filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.  In 2017, with 80% of consumers shopping online, brick and mortar stores are finding it harder and harder to stay profitable.  Over the last few years, many retailers have chosen to close down a number of their locations in order to save money.  This has directly affected Ottumwa by removing many of our shopping options including K-Mart, Target, Radio Shack, and soon JC Penney.


Luckily, it appears that for the time being, Ottumwa will be holding on to its rue21 location.  The brand has not released a list of all of the 400 locations that they will be closing.  However, by visiting their list of all store locations here, it is possible to click on a specific store location and find out if they will remain open.  The Post has gone through the list and found that the Ottumwa location will, indeed, remain open.


There are currently 20 rue21 stores spread throughout Iowa.  Of the 20, four stores will be closing, which include, Ankeny, Cedar Falls, Mason City, and Williamsburg.  The brand does not currently give an expected closing date at this time.