Anomaly Gallery Presents Resonance

Ananda Kesler abstract painting

OTTUMWA-Anomaly Gallery is pleased to announce its upcoming show Resonance which features Southeast Iowa artists Matt Kargol, Ananda Kesler, and Brad Covington.

Reception for the artists will be Friday the 28th of April from 5:30 – 9 pm and is open to the public.

Resonance will be on view from April 21st – May 27th 2017.


Matt Kargol’s large scale sculptures playfully and stoically explore balance, force, and weight. Stainless steel, rusted steel, and plastic are some of the elements that make up the work. The artist is mindful of the intrinsic qualities of the elements while simultaneously subverting them to reference other surfaces and at times questions the materials inherent role. Steel appears to be pliable while a sheet of plastic wrestles with the burden of supporting a heavy weight.

Matt Kargol sculpture


Ananda Kesler’s abstract paintings elegantly evolve and imply worldly or celestial atmospheres. The painting’s surfaces are quiet and mysterious. They rarely attempt an obvious representation and remind one of clouds, fog, or mist covering the ground or a body of water. The paintings could be considered records of a journey. Possibly an attempt to recreate realms once stumbled upon, or they represent predictions of worlds which have yet to be visited.


Brad Covington’s layered paintings derive their form through multiple narratives. Their stability and structure is built from combinations of complimentary and dissimilar elements which overlap, mingle and compete. This eventually allows the work to coalesce, balancing a union of chaos and harmony.


A selection of books are available within the gallery through a partnership with local business TEXT ADDICT.

Questions and inquiries about Anomaly Gallery can be made to the Co-founder Brad Covington at

Anomaly’s normal hours are Thursday- Saturday Noon-5pm, and open by appointment.