Indoors Column: Happiness – $1.75

Baseball and Softball seasons are now in full swing.  I have been helping with Cooper’s team which has been practicing four nights per week.  Games start this week.  It looks like any night that Cooper doesn’t have a game, Charlotte will.  This definitely creates an environment where some of our kids feel a little left out.


“Some of our kids,” is actually overstating it.  Clane couldn’t care less if we’re paying attention to him or not.  He’s not particularly fond of other humans.  And Cady, well, she demands attention and gets it, no matter what else we are doing.


That leaves Callum, our poor middle child.  Some days he’s fine, and other days he is extremely bitter about all of the ball.  I try to include him when we throw the ball around at home, but it really isn’t his thing.  In fact, he really only has two “things” these days:  pro wrestling and food.


I did do a little wrestling with him this weekend, but someone usually gets hurt before we’re at it very long.  For every hour of baseball, we’re probably only getting one minute of good, fake wrestling time.


I was feeling pretty bad about it until last night.  Callum was doing a lot of whining about baseball and was in a generally bad mood.  Then, Autumn asked Charlotte if her coach had handed out a schedule for when each kid’s parents had to work the concession stand.


It was as though a fairy had waved her wand over Callum.  His face changed.  His tone changed.  He was an all-around different boy.


It seems Callum had forgotten that baseball actually has one thing to offer that he loves even more than a flying drop kick – concession stand food.


When it comes right down to it, who needs quality time with Dad when there are nachos to be eaten?