Indoors Column: The Sprat Brothers

I know when you read this, you’re going to think I’m making it up.  And, I’ll admit that from time to time, I will exaggerate a detail or two in order to make a column come together.  However, this is not one of those instances.  This event happened just as I am describing.


Cooper has always been a picky eater He is rarely happy with our dinner menu and often will eat a peanut butter sandwich instead of the scheduled main course.  He has gotten better over the years.  He definitely eats some things that he wouldn’t have earlier.  But, it’s hard for me to keep track of what those foods are.


The other night, we had spaghetti.  This is a food Cooper never used to eat.  I couldn’t help but notice how well he was eating it the other night.


“Wow, Cooper,” I said, ‘” You are really eating well!”


He smiled from ear to ear.  I remember thinking how much he must cherish my positive reinforcement.


His grin turned into a giggle.


“Yep,” he said through his laughter, “I sure love spaghetti.”


I thought the laughter was a little odd but I didn’t give it much thought.  I was focused on my own plate and I too love spaghetti.


Fortunately, my wife pays closer attention to some things than I do.  The awkward laughter caused her to take a closer look.   The fact that the laughter seemed to be in stereo is what she found particularly odd.


The spaghetti on Cooper’s plate had definitely been eaten but not by Cooper.  His brother, Callum, was hiding under the table on all -fours eating every bite as Cooper sneakily lowered his fork.


I’ve seen that trick on movies but usually it is a dog under the table – not a boy.


Cooper and Callum both got an earful that night.  I didn’t care about the trick so much.  It was clever.  I was most bothered by their inability to keep straight faces during the trick.  Have these boys learned nothing from me?