Ottumwa School Bus Window Shot Out: Students Unharmed

OTTUMWA-In a press release sent at 10:52 late Tuesday night, May 9th, Ottumwa Community Schools gave details into a school bus incident that occurred earlier in the day.  Superintendent Nicole Kooiker explained in the statement that an unknown object had shot out a school bus window that afternoon while approximately 20 students were being transferred.  No students were harmed during the incident and it is under investigation by local law enforcement.


The entire press release from Ms. Kooiker reads as follows:

“Parents, guardians, staff, and community members,

We had an incident occur with one of our buses this afternoon.  At approximately 3:15, a bus window was shot out by an unknown object from outside the bus.  Approximately 20 students were on the bus and all the students were safe and not injured.  The students were transferred to an empty bus and taken to their PTYC location for after school programming.  Law enforcement were immediately contacted and are investigating the situation.  Parents of the students involved in the bus incident were notified by the district regarding the situation.  We will continue to work with law enforcement on this situation and want to assure the Ottumwa community that we are doing everything to ensure the safety and security of our students.  Thank you for your patience as we work through this situation.

Nicole Kooiker

Ottumwa Superintendent”


Ottumwa Post will update if any further details are made available.