Anomaly Gallery Featuring Iowa Artists Ken Dubin and Dennis Kowalski

Artwork by Dennis Kowalski

OTTUMWA-Anomaly is pleased to announce its upcoming two person show featuring Iowa artists Ken Dubin and Dennis Kowalski.


   *Opening Reception for the artists will be Saturday June 3rd  from 2-7 pm and is open to the public.

    Closing Reception for the artists will be Tuesday July 4th from 2-7pm and is open to the public.



Ken Dubin / Dennis Kowalski will be on view from Thursday June 1st – Tuesday July 4th 2017.



Ken Dubin’s abstract paintings and prints come from the hypnotic hidden depths of shape shifting frequencies. Recent layered mostly white abstractions consisting of seemingly therapeutic looping and twisting lines reminds one of bandwidths, vortexes, or even the double helix of  D.N.A. This creates surfaces which are humming with a calm consistent energy that are all encompassing and soothing. At times these works are directly paired with fragments of the artist’s earlier work such as figures, faces, hands, or even skeletons. This juxtaposition of the new and old manages to overlap and link time and the representational archetypes can be seen as symbolizing captured signals which are seemingly adrift all around us.


Dennis Kowalski’s embellished or altered photo and colored pencil pieces exemplify the boundless possibilities of geometric and organic doubling similar to the potentiality seen in the fascinating world of fractal algorithms. Snapshots of public urban gathering areas such as subways, plazas, or places of worship are expanded upon through drawing, and patterns begin to bloom and multiply. The artist begins with an identical pair of photos placed side by side and askew in order to help obscure the original subject matter. Then through the act of drawing the artist continues outward creating something akin to a kaleidoscopic hard edged constructivists pattern or an evolving biological formation, reminiscent of something in the process of mitosis or division.


Artwork by Ken Dubin

Ken Dubin received an M.F.A. in 1981 from the University of Illinois, Chicago, and moved to Fairfield  in 2009. He has exhibited his work nationally and abroad and has participated numerous artist in residency programs including Ragdale, OX-BOW, Prairie Center of the Arts, and the Virginia Center for the Creative arts.


Dennis Kowalski received an M.F.A. from the Art Intsitute of Chicago in sculpture in1966 and was an instructor at DePaul University Chicago, from 1966-1971, and a Professor at the University of Illinois, Chicago, from 1971-2002. He currently lives and works in Iowa City.


A selection of books is available within the gallery through a partnership with local business TEXT ADDICT.


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Anomaly’s normal hours are Thursday-Saturday Noon-5pm, and open by appointment.