Indoors Column: Tom and Jerryatric

As men age, they forget half of what they know but claim to be experts on every subject.  Though he is early in his cartoon-watching years, I fear that our 4-year-old, Clane, fancies himself an expert on more topics than his 75-year-old grandfather.


The boys found a small animal skull in our back yard yesterday.  It was clearly the remains of a field mouse.  Clane went ballistic when he heard my conclusion.  He was 100% certain that the skull belonged to a small dinosaur called the gabadasauraus or some such thing.


He rattled off the creature’s dietary habits, physical strengths and weaknesses, natural predators and a long list of fun facts I didn’t bother listening to.


This morning, we caught two animals in live traps around our chicken coup.  One was an opossum and the other a racoon.  Clane swore that we had trapped a badger and a mole.  Anyone who said otherwise would face his wrath.


The only silver lining to the debate was that it distracted Clane from his normal morning rants on Obamacare and long-hairs.