Outdoors Column: Really Big Lures

My son, Damon and grandson, Zane went to a sporting goods store Friday. I try my best to stay out of places like that as a person can always find something they “need.” Such was the case with these two guys who having been spending most of their free time fishing. They were able to find a number of things they could not live without, including several unique fishing lures. Damon found a life sized white rat that looks quite realistic. Zane found a lure that looks like a baby duck. The feet actually look like it is swimming when retrieved through the water. He also purchased a six inch green torpedo shaped lure with a propeller that splashes behind it while going across the surface. Any of the three lures were big enough to catch medium sized sharks, but I know, both guys prefer to catch only large bass. There is no worry about any smaller fish messing with these lures. They are larger than some of the fish I catch on a normal day.


I am of the opinion, a lure should look like something fish normally eat. I know there are no white rats or green torpedoes in our lake, but I have seen bass eat baby geese and ducks. I was convinced the baby duck lure would probably work on large bass, but had serious doubts about the white rat and the green torpedo.


Bright and early Saturday morning, while I was still contemplating my first cup of coffee, the two fisherman launched the boat to test their new equipment. Zane started with his duck. He worked it along the weed beds and over downed trees. It looked just like a baby duck swimming along the shore. He had a couple fish come up and nudge it, but nothing took the bait. In the meantime, Damon was fishing with his new white rat. The bass loved it. Nothing smaller than about three pounds could get it in their mouths, so he caught several good sized bass. Fortunately, his rat came with an extra tail as in the fight, one of his fish tore it off. There was a brief time out for rat repair. Zane finally gave up on his duck lure and switched to the green torpedo. He started catching fish immediately. Over the next couple of hours, between them, they caught quite a number of fish, several over five pounds.


It is a good thing they did not take me along on their shopping excursion. I probably would have talked them out of getting the large lures that looked to me like they could be used for catching sharks and tried to convince them to stock up on the baby duck lure that so far, does not catch anything. He should hang onto it though. It might work on sharks.