Fuel Spill Disturbs Down Town Ottumwa

OTTUMWA-The Ottumwa Fire Department along with some City Street crews spent part of their afternoon on Tuesday, August 8th cleaning up a diesel fuel spill in downtown Ottumwa.  The mess did leave some areas of the downtown closed to traffic.



A man driving a pickup truck began leaking the fuel as he traveled through downtown Ottumwa.  The fuel left a wet strip with multiple puddled areas down Main Street.  The man then turned onto South Court and then Second Street.  Finally stopping outside of the Schwartz Building.



It was suggested that the straps that hold the fuel tank in place, may have broken when the truck crossed a set of railroad tracks.



Crews were dumping oil dry on the fuel and using brooms to sweep it in to the moisture.  Eventually street cleaners were used to follow the route and dump sand on the leak.



Around 2:30 PM downtown roads were reopened to the public.