Phase I Complete for New Phone Project at Ottumwa Community Schools

OTTUMWA— Parents and community members dialing Ottumwa High School, the preschool, or the district office will notice some changes starting today. The district installed a new phone system over the holiday break in these three locations. Phase II of the project will include installing a new system in our remaining schools over spring break.


The main building numbers will remain the same. Parents will have the option to now dial directly to four other offices at OHS, including attendance, activities, guidance, and the school nurse. Persons dialing OHS can also reach these offices by calling the main number and listening for the extension number.  These numbers are listed below:

  • Attendance Office – 683-4445
  • Business /Activities Office – 683-4446
  • Guidance Counseling Office – 683-4447
  • Nurse’s Office – 683-4448