Throwback Thursday January 4, 2018

Welcome once again to “Throwback Thursday”, a column that takes a look back in time at some of the well-known people and places of Ottumwa.  The goal of this pictorial column is to allow readers to take a walk down memory lane.  Photos used will show people, places, and events from Ottumwa’s past.  Readers are also invited to get involved.  Please feel free to share any relevant pictures with us and you just might see it published online.  Contact us through social media or email, just make sure to tag the pictures with #throwbackthursday.

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After a bit of a break, Throwback Thursday has returned to bring memories and nostalgia to the citizens of Ottumwa.  And remember, you can be a part of Throwback Thursday and help to keep it going.  If you have any pictures that you would like to share, just contact me through the email address above.


Ottumwa High School students are hard at work doing research in the school library in 1943.


In 1949 the dedication continues as students are again seen hard at work in the OHS library.


Things seem to have taken a change somewhere within the 20 year span.  Here, in 1969, an OHS student is caught napping in the school library.


Ottumwa teenagers of 1946 seemed to have things other than studying on their minds.  Here, three OHS couples, spend some social time together on the front steps of the school.


A teacher delivers a lecture to an OHS class in 1969.


By 1997, an everyday part of OHS life was watching Channel 1 (a news broadcast aimed at students) during the advisory period.