Throwback Thursday April 12, 2018

Welcome once again to “Throwback Thursday”, a column that takes a look back in time at some of the well-known people and places of Ottumwa.  The goal of this pictorial column is to allow readers to take a walk down memory lane.  Photos used will show people, places, and events from Ottumwa’s past.  Readers are also invited to get involved.  Please feel free to share any relevant pictures with us and you just might see it published online.  Contact us through social media or email, just make sure to tag the pictures with #throwbackthursday.

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Every students’ biggest fear.  Being called to the board to work out a problem.  Students work out equations in math class at Ottumwa High School in 1949.


Ottumwa High School Art students are observed by their teacher in 1969.


Students struggle to pay attention in an Ottumwa High School class in the early 1990s.


A study hall at Ottumwa High School in 1949.


And Ottumwa High School teacher helps students with homework questions in 1969.