Remember World Elder Abuse Day is June 15th

World Elder Abuse Day – June 15

Each year, an average of 2.2 million older Americans face injury, exploitation, or other mistreatment in the form of financial, physical, sexual, or emotional abuse or neglect per the National Center on Elder Abuse, Bureau of Justice Statistics.  Adult/elder abuse is grossly under recognized and under-reported. For every 1 case of abuse, neglect, and/or financial exploitation reported, 23 cases are NOT reported.  It’s important to identify possible abuse in your life or the lives of others and get the help and support needed to stop the mistreatment.

The Adult/Elder Rights Program at Milestones Area Agency on Aging is focused on the prevention, intervention, detection and the reporting of all forms of abuse affecting elders and adults with disabilities.  The program empowers these individuals to sustain their own independence with an assessment and intervention planning which includes presenting options to enhance lifestyle choices. This responsive system accepts all referrals concerning adult/elder abuse, neglect or exploitation.

With the help of caregivers and community partners, Milestones staff works to ensure that vulnerable individuals have access to community supports and services. The agency aspires to educate individuals on their rights to be free of violence and exploitation while providing solution-focused options to increase safety.

As part of World Elder Abuse Awareness Day, Milestones invites you to stop in at their office located at 623 Pennsylvania Avenue in Ottumwa on June 15 between 10am-noon for cookies, purple ribbons and information about the Adult/Elder Prevention and Awareness program. Michelle Hackley, Elder/Adult Rights Specialist encourages the public to wear purple and participate in a short 20-minute walk to show support in preventing elder abuse at 10:00 am starting at the Milestones office.

It is often difficult to observe elder abuse, especially in financial or emotional cases. Typically, their suffering is in silence. Every solution begins with awareness, conversation, and agreement that elder abuse shall not be tolerated.  Let us unite to protect the most vulnerable among us from mistreatment and exploitation. If you live in Iowa and would like more information regarding the Adult/Elder Rights Program call 855-410-6222.