Update on Juveniles Struck by Vehicle

OTTUMWA – Around 7:30 AM on the morning of Wednesday, September 12th, two Ottumwa juveniles were struck by a vehicle in the 1100 block of West Mary Street as they walked to school.  The driver of the vehicle, Tyler Michael Garr, 21, stopped and provided aide to the two young boys, even driving them back to their residence.  They were then taken to Ottumwa Regional Health Center.


The family of the two boys, who are brothers ages 7 and 12, have now released a statement through Nick Davis, the boys’ uncle, with information on their well being.  The 7 year old had only minor injuries and was treated and released from ORHC.  The 12 year old sustained more significant injuries, which led to him being airlifted to the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics in Iowa City.  It was determined he had a laceration to his spleen as well as a broken pelvis.


“He is currently in stable condition in the Pediatric ICU unit of the Stead Family Children’s Hospital,” the statement reads.  “He is still in a large amount of pain.”


In the statement, Davis goes on to make it clear that the family does not blame Garr for the accident.  They are thankful that he helped the children and stayed with them after the incident.


“He stayed right with the boys the whole time,” Davis said.  “He did what was right even though he knew he’d be arrested.”


Garr was later arrested by Ottumwa Police Department and charged with no insurance and driving while barred.


Doctors have told the family of the juvenile that remains hospitalized, that he will likely be there for at least week, if not more.  Therefore, the family has created a Go Fund Me account to assist with the expenses of travel and accommodations while in Iowa City, as well as medical and recovery expenses.


Link to Go Fund Me account:  Davis Go Fund Me Account


Previous Coverage:

OTTUMWA – On Wednesday, September 12, 2018, the Ottumwa Police Department received a report of a motor vehicle accident involving a vehicle striking a juvenile in the 1100 Block of West Mary Street in Ottumwa. Officers responded to the area and determined that the driver of the vehicle had transported one juvenile, age 12, to the juvenile’s residence.  The juvenile was then transported to Ottumwa Region Health Center by ambulance and later transported to another hospital.


It was then determined that a second juvenile, age 7, had also been struck by the vehicle.  The second juvenile, after being struck, continued on to school. Officers responded to the school. The second juvenile was transported to Ottumwa Regional Health Center to be evaluated.


The initial investigation indicates the two juveniles were walking east on Mary Street in the same direction of the striking vehicle.  As the striking vehicle approached the two juveniles, they stepped out into the roadway and were struck.  The driver of the vehicle, who is familiar with the two juveniles, stopped and rendered aid and information.


The driver of the vehicle Tyler Michael Garr age 21, was arrested and charged with no insurance and driving while barred. Garr later bonded out of jail.


Please note the following pursuant to recent Supreme Court rulings:   “A criminal charge is merely an accusation and a defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty.”