Archery Coaches Get Involved in the Fun After Tournament

Everyone loves Archery.  Saturday at  the Eddyville Tournament, after the archers were all the done the Coaches took to the floor.   Our great coaches volunteer their time and hours to our Archery teams.  We can’t Thank them enough for all the hours they devote during the night practices and every Saturday for tournaments.  Our own Sarah Rupe won 2nd place this year. (PHOTO BELOW)

Archery team coaches get their chance to compete after the tournament is over.


Archers placing in the top ten at the Eddyville tournament were:




Elementary Archers finished 2nd in BLock tournament as a team.


Paiden Rupe shot a 275 for 1st place.

Joel Carman shot a 252 for 4th place

Caleb Fanfar placed 9th with a 253.


Makayla Barnes shot shot a 263 for 1st  place.

Autumn Sertterh shot a 252 for 3rd place

Kenna Kirkpatrick shot a 240 for 5th place

Sara Breeding shot a 228 for 8th place.


Middle School Archers placed 2nd in the Block targets.


Haylee Fountain shot a 273 for 4th place.

Lauren Sloan placed 8th with a 260.

Cameron Wheaton shot a 260 for 9th place.


Montana Rupe placed 4th with a 270.

Owyn JOhnson shot a 268 for 5th  place.

Karson Kirkpatrick shot a 263 for 8th place

Ethan Ragen shot a 260 for 9th place

Layne Pottorff shot a 259 for 10th place.


High School:

Michael Mullikin placed 9th with a score of 277

Kaylyn Sallee placed 10th with a score of 272



3-D Targets:


Cardinal Elementary placed 1st in the 3D targets.


Paiden Rupe took 1st place with a 270

Caleb Fanfar placed 3rd with a 238

Joel Carman placed 4th with a 228

Deagon Eakins placed 5th with a 226.


Autumn Sertterh shot a 255 for 1st place.

Makayla Barnes placed 2nd with a 252.

Kenna Kirkpatrick placed 8th with a 201.


Middle School:


Paityn Carnes placed 2nd with a 261.

Haylee Fountain shot a 256 for 4th place.

Lauren Sloan 9th shooting a 248

Montana  Rupe shot a 276 for 2nd place finish.

Karson Kirkpatrick placed 4th with a 275

Owyn Johnson placed 5th with a 266.

Ethan Ragen placed 8th with a 261.

Layne Potteroff placed 10th with 250.


Brodie Mairet placed 2nd with a score of 289

Michael Mullikin placed 9th with score of 275.


Kaylyn Sallee shot a 271 for 5th place..

Jenika Cooper shot a 265 for 6th place

Danielle Jamison shot a 263 for 9th place.


The Cardinal Shooting Comets will be in action on Saturday at the Albia Tournament.