Cardinal Archery Teams Participate in Albia Tournament

In the BLOCK targets the Elementary and the Middle school teams placed 2nd and the High School placed 3rd.  In the 3D targets, Elementary team placed 2nd, the Middle school team placed 1st with the High School team placing in 3rd place.


Placing in the top ten as individuals in the Block targets were:




Paiden Rupe shot a 277 to take 1st place again this week.

Joel Carman shot a 259 for 4th.


Makayla Barnes shot a 260 for a 1st place finish.

Autumn Seretterh shot a 242 for 4th place.

Sidney Countryman shot 225 for 9th.

Kenna Kirkpatrick placed 10th with a 224.




Karson Kirkpatrick shot a 276 for 2nd place.

Haylee Fountain shot a 274 for 3rd place.




Michael Mullikin shot a 279 for 10th place.

Kaylyn Sallee shot a 278 for 7th place.


Placing in the top ten for the 3D targets were:




Paiden Rupe placed 1st with a 260.

Joel Carman placed 7th with a 236.

Dawson Elliott placed 9th with a 226.

Deagon Eakins placed 10th with a 221.


Autumn Seretterh  placed 1st with a 259.

Makayla Barnes placed 2nd with a 252.

Kenna Kirkpatrick placed 10th with a 205.




Haylee Fountain placed 1st with a 272.

Skyler Welch placed 8th with a 254.


Karson Kirkpatrick placed 2nd with a 278

Montana Rupe placed 3rd with a 267.

Ethan Ragen placed 4th with a 267.

Layne Pottorff placed 7th with a 258.




Danielle Jamison placed 7th with a 275.

Jenna Corder placed 10th with a 265.


Brodie Mairet shot a 276 for 4th place.

Triston Brown shot a 274 for 8th place.

Austin McClure shot 269 for 10th place.