What a  National Tournament the Cardinal Shooting Comets Elementary team had this past weekend in Louisville Kentucky.  Most of these Archers shot their highest scores.


Block 10/15 Scores:  There were 2,229 Elementary boys and 1,940 Elementary girls shooting in the National Tournament. The Elementary team finished in 97th place out of 200 teams.  The team shot a score of 2877.


Paiden Rupe shot a 287 finishing 3rd in the Nation.

Paiden Rupe


Makayla Barnes is ranked 93

Autumn Sertterh is ranked 244

Deagon Eakins is ranked 292

Emma Short is ranked 507

Lauryn Hartley is ranked 781

Peyton Rump is ranked 1000

Caleb Farfan is ranked 1596

Sidney Countryman is ranked 1388

Kenna Kirkpatrick is ranked 1436

Sawyer Goehring is ranked 1780


In 3D Targets, The Elementary Team placed 20th out of 77 teams.  There were 694 boys and 597 girls participating.  There score was 1513.


Paiden Rupe shot 280  and is ranked 7th in the Nation.


Autumn Sertterh is ranked 41

Makayla Barnes is ranked 76

Deagon Eakins is ranked 106

Emma Short is ranked 180

Kenna Kirkpatirck is ranked 251

Caleb Farfan is ranked 367

Dawson Elliott is ranked 456

SIdney Countryman is ranked 387

Lauryn Hartley is ranked 440

Petyon Rump is ranked 507

Sawyer Goehring is ranked 610.


Montana Rupe a member of the Cardinal Middle School team shot as an individual.  Montana placed 84th out of  1062 Middle school boys.