Just the Other Day: Horse Kisses

I love dogs and cats, but you can do things with a horse, that you can’t do with the others.  No masked man ever mounted their dog, with the animal standing strong and proud on its hind legs.  It’s front legs pawing at the air; the rider tightly holding the reins, boots firmly planted in the stirrups, hollering, “High Ho Rover! Away!” Then, rode off on his dog to save the day.  That just doesn’t happen.

We always had horses on our little five acre farm, when I was growing up.  Patches, Pretty, Lady, Pony, and some others I’m surely forgetting right now.

Horses are great companions for kids, teens and adults.  They require a lot of work, and space – much more than a dog or a cat.  It’s a lot faster to scoop a littler box, than to clean a stall.  However, it is easier to wash your horse than to bathe a cat – less dangerous, too.

To a horse owner, the extra work is well worth it!  Time spent with ones horse is special time specifically set aside just for them.  The horse will have your undivided attention.

You can’t bring your horse in the house to casually sit on the couch and watch a movie with you, like a dog or a cat.  A horse certainly cannot sleep at your feet on the end of your bed, nor on your pillow by your head, or curl up on your chest.  A horse sitting on the floor next to you at the dinner table, waiting for you to drop a scrap of food?  Well, that would just be awkward and make visiting guests, feel uneasy.

As a fan of the old television show, M*A*S*H, I always appreciated Colonel Potter’s passion for horses.  “There’s a special relationship between a man and his steed.”  This is so true…for women, too!

A friend posted a profile picture in which her horse is kissing her on the head.  A non-horse person, might consider such unexpected behavior from a horse to be intrusive, gross, and slobbery.

But the feel of their tongue touching your skin, is a sign of their love and devotion.  I welcome the gentle nibbles from a horses velvety lips.  Their soft whiskers always tickle.  Another show of affection. Well, either that, or the beast thinks you have something, or are something to eat.

To one who has a horse, and knows that special bond, a kiss from their horse is every bit as sweet as one from a puppy or a kitten.  It just comes from a much bigger, stronger tongue, it’s a lot wetter, and usually leaves a big green skid mark on your skin…but oh, the love…and slobber in greater amounts than any cat or dog could offer.”