Outdoors Column: That Time

Friday afternoon, our twenty percent chance of light showers turned into torrential rain, lightening, and hail. We had no serious damage other than a couple tomato plants destroyed but it caused our electricity to go off for a short time. This is only a minor inconvenience as I must re-set the clocks on the oven and microwave. Fortunately, the clock in the bedroom resets itself. I say fortunately as this clock is totally automated and difficult to make any changes. If it says it is 10:00 AM, and a person would like to disagree, it would be easier to change the rest of the world than this determined clock.


Saturday promised to be hot and humid. I planned to get up early and get my outside work done before the temperature reached sweltering conditions. Rolling over to pull the covers over my head, I noticed the clock said 6:00. Wanting to go back to sleep, but knowing I wanted to get the lawn cut, I sprang lightly from bed. I had a quick cut of coffee and jumped on the mower. When I came back into the house, the clock in the living room said 11:00. It seemed like it should be later. I got several outside chores done and thought I must be really fast and efficient.


The time does not matter on Sunday. We usually do whatever we want at the pace we choose. I do not recall looking at a clock all day. We get up when we are done sleeping, eat when we are hungry, and go to bed when we are tired. This is at least how we try to plan our Sundays.


Monday morning, when the alarm sounded, I punched snooze. I am usually ready to jump out of be at 6:00 to have a cup of coffee on the porch. This morning, just a few more minutes of sleep would be great. On the second alarm, I got up, made the coffee, and let the dog out. When the coffee was done and I took a cup to the porch, it did not seem as bright outside as it should. There were a few clouds in the sky but not enough to make it seem almost dark. I did not think much more about it while I played ball with the dog and watched the doe and fawn on the far side of the dam. When I went back into the house to get a refill on my coffee, I glanced up at the clock in the living room. It read 5:20. I checked the time on my phone. It confirmed that I was running an hour ahead of schedule and had been doing so all weekend.


I was somewhat annoyed that I was up and drinking coffee when I could be sleeping, but it was too late to go back to bed. Thinking back over what I had done Saturday made me glad we do not have any neighbors close by. Even the friendliest neighbor might become a bit perturbed if the neighbor starts mowing past their bedroom window at 5:30 on a Saturday morning.


My only challenge now is to get the alarm clock in the bedroom set forward an hour. I think I will try to convince it we have moved to the eastern time zone as it has decided it no longer believes in daylight savings time.