Just the Other Day: Windex

I stopped at Walmart in Fishkill, New York, to get a bottle of Windex. In the cleaning supplies aisle, a lady was carefully looking over a toilet cleaning brush – her husband was patiently standing by.


I suggested, “If you want to know if that thing will work well, you’ll need to put it his hand to see how it fits.” We all shared a good laugh over that. I walked down the aisle and back looking for the glass cleaner, but never found it. I asked them, “Do you know happen to know where the Windex is? I should think it would be in this aisle with cleaning supplies.”


The three of us walked the aisle together looking, but didn’t find it. We were nearing the end when the lady pointed at the shelves, “It’s right there.”


“Where? I don’t see it.” I said.


“It’s on the other side of the shelf; in the next row.” She answered.


Confused, I shook my head, “This is why men never have the house cleaned when we’re supposed to. Someone always puts the cleaning stuff where we can’t see it.” We shared another laugh about that.


I have no idea how she saw that Windex, I still couldn’t, but I took her word and went to the next aisle. Sure enough, it was where she pointed. I picked up a bottle and headed to check out. At the end of the aisle I ran into them again. “Did you find it?” She queried.


“I did.” I said, “It was right where you said it would be.” As we stood there I noticed and pointed to a full pallet – a big display of Windex right at the end of the aisle where we first started talking. “It’s a good thing those weren’t snakes, they would have bit us!” I declared.


She chuckled. “Yes sir, they would’ve. They’d of bit us good.”  We shared another good laugh, then went about our ways.


Heading toward the checkout lanes, I saw a man kneeling on the floor, facing the shelves, holding a bottle of Western Salad Dressing. His wife was standing next to him with her hands on the grocery cart, “Is it really worth two dollars more than any other brand?”


I couldn’t help it – I had to throw in my two-cents worth. “Ma’am, any salad dressing that brings a man to his knees in the grocery store – that’s really, really good stuff. Probably well worth a couple extra bucks, maybe more.”


She gave me a cold, blank stare. Just when I thought I was about to be told to mind my own business, she cracked a smile, then burst out laughing. “Okay,” she told her husband, “Put it in the cart.”


He got up grinning, “Thanks man.” He said, holding the bottle of dressing my way, “Have you had this before?”


Not wanting to tell him western dressing is probably my least favorite, I replied, “I can’t say as I have.” He told me I should try it sometime, then thanked me again for helping to convince his wife to get the better dressing. “Just doing what I can to help people find happiness.” I said, then went about my way.


I felt pretty good for drawing a bit laughter from the two different couples, brightening their day just a little.


Near the registers there was another display of Windex. I thought it must be a really good buy for the store to have multiple displays of the same product.  I considered getting a second bottle, but then thought, naw. A bottle Windex lasts for a really long time – as do the good feelings you get when you share a little happiness – even with people you may not know.