Cardinal Comets Archery Compete for First Time in 2020

The Comets traveled to Washington Saturday January 4th to begin the 2020 year of Archery.  Because of other activities, the comets shot at 8 p.m.  Block targets only.


The Cardinal High School Team finished in 4th Place as a team.


The Cardinal Middle School placed 2nd as a team.  Leading in the scoring in the top ten were:


Autumn Sertterh shot a 273 to place 4th.


Heidi Wemmie placed 9th with a score of 267.


Paiden Rupe shot a 280 for 2nd place.


Montana Rupe placed 4th with a 279.


The Cardinal Elementary team placed 2nd on Saturday.   Top scorers were:


Emma Short placed 2nd with a score of 248.


Peyton Rump shot a 226 for 7th place.


Kenna Kirkpatrick shot a 215 for 10th place,


Luke Wilcox  placed 10th with a score of 230.


Next week the Comets will travel to  a tournament in Mt Vernon.