Cardinal Comets Archery Results January 12, 2020

Mt Vernon was the sight of the Archery Tournament on Sunday.  It was rescheduled from Saturday due to the winter storm.    Not all archers chose to make the trip  on Sunday.  Those shooting were:


Middle School


Paiden Rupe placed 3rd with a 279

Montana Rupe placed 4th with a 278


Autumn Seretterh shot a 257 for 6th place

Addison Rupe place 7th with a 251

Paityn Carnes placed 18th with a 236

Haylee Fountain placed 23rd with a 182


High School


Jacob Stitles shot a 273 putting him in 13th place

Brodie Mairet placed 25th with a 259

Jarrett Rea was 33rd with a 224


Audrey Clark shot a 265 for 15th place

Cameron Wheaton shot a 237 for 21st place


The next scheduled tournament will be January 18th at Chariton.  Be ready to attend the tournment at Cardinal on January 25th  Support Archery and your Archers.