Cardinal Shooting Comets Archery Tournament Results

Again this week several archers shot at two tournaments:  For  the Elementary Gavin Rupe took 1st place with a 236 and Peyton Rump took 2nd place honors with a 210.  MIddle School was represented by Paiden Rupe taking 1st place with a 286, Autumn Sertterh taking 4th place with a 271, Heidi Wemmie took 5th place with a 265, Montana Rupe shot a 260, Dawson Elliott shot a 248, Lauren Sloan shot a 244, Dylan Telfer took 7th place with a 271 for the High School Archers and Cameron Wheaton shot a 261.


At the North Mahaska Tournament  in 3D targets, Elementary and Middle School placed 1st as teams and High School Archers placed 3rd as a team.


Scoring in the top ten were:



Kenna Kirkpatrick shot 239 for 2nd place Elleigl Spurgeon shot a 236 for 4th place Peyton Rump shot a 210 for 7th place Levi Jarvis shot a 226 for 5th place Riley Ragen shot a 227 for 7th place


Middle School:

Montana Rupe placed 2nd with a 288

Paiden Rupe placed 3rd with a 279

Karson Kirkpatrick placed 6th with a 261 Dawson Elliott placed 7th with  a 261 Autumn Sertterh also got a 2nd place medal for a score of 280 Paityn Carnes placed 3rd with a 272 Haylee Fountain shot a 271 for 4th place McKayla Barnes shot a 271 for 5th place HEidi Wemmie shot a 262 for 9th place


High School placed 3rd as a team:


Dylan Telfer shot a 275 for 6th place

Kristian Sanders placed 7th with a 275

Montana Rupe scored a 272 for 9th place

Jacob Stitles place 10th with a 271

Kaylee Sallee shot a 271 for 6th place

Audrey Clark placed 7th with a  269


With Block Targets Middle School and High School archers placed 1st as teams.  The Elementary placed 2nd.  Finishing in the top ten were:



Levi Jarvis placed 6th with a 239

RIley Ragen placed 7th with a 237

Sawyer Goehring shot a 236 for 9th place Peyton Rump shot a 242 for 5th place KEnna Kirkpatrick shot  242 for 7th place



Middle School:

Paiden Rupe took home 1st place honors with a 282 Karson Kirkpatrick scored a 2nd place with a 280 Tatem Telfer took home 5th with a 271 Montana Rupe shot a 271 for 6th place Paityn Carnes took home a 2nd place with a 276 Autumn Sertterh shot a 276 for 3rd place Makayla Barnes placed 5th with a 271 Haylee Fountain placed 7th with a 269 Heidi Wemmie shot a 268 for 8th place


High School:

Kaylee Salee shot 275 for 6th place

Audrey Clark shot 273 for 8th place

Dylan Telfer placed 4th with a 284

Brodie Mairet placed 8th with a 276


Cardinal Archers will be in Ottumwa Tournament this Saturday.  The 22nd of February will be the home tournament for Cardinal.