Testing Criteria for COVID-19

Wapello County, Iowa – Many have expressed frustration when trying to understand who can be tested. New criteria have been released by the Iowa Department of Public Health outlining testing in the state of Iowa. This is due to the limited number of test kits that are currently available. Testing will be provided for: “hospitalized patients with fever and respiratory failure and no alternate diagnosis, older adults (>60 years of age) with fever and respiratory symptoms (cough, difficulty breathing) and chronic medical conditions (e.g., diabetes, heart disease, immunosuppressive medications, chronic lung disease, or chronic kidney disease), persons with fever or respiratory illness who live in congregate setting i.e., long term care facilities, dormitories, residential facilities, correctional facilities, treatment facilities, essential services personnel with fever or respiratory illness i.e., healthcare providers, fire and EMS, law enforcement, residential facility staff” (IDPH 20, March, 2020).