Indian Hills Awards Tom Arnold Scholarships

OTTUMWA – Indian Hills Community College students Tea Harris and Ryan Rebling have been awarded the IHCC Tom Arnold Scholarships for the 2020-2021 academic year.

Harris is from Fairfield and Rebling is from Brighton.  Their essays were selected by Arnold, the Hollywood actor and Indian Hills graduate, who established the full scholarships – which include tuition, books, fees and room and board – in 1991.

Each year Arnold chooses a theme that applicants need to write about in their essays.  An Indian Hills committee then screens the initial entries and Arnold reads the essays and chooses the scholarship winners.

This year’s selected theme was: “You’ve been chosen to lead the first manned mission to Mars. Seven months to get there.  Seven months back. You and your fellow travelers will live on the planet for two years. You must choose three people currently alive to assist you on your long, claustrophobic, dangerous mission. Who would you choose and why?  No pressure, but the survival of mankind is on your shoulders.”

There were more than 125 students who applied for the scholarships.  The winning entries can be read at