Holiday Nights and Lights in Greater Ottumwa Park

OTTUMWA – Due to recent discussions, the City would like to let the public know the Holiday Nights and Lights display will once again be held this year in Greater Ottumwa Park.  Mayor Tom Lazio and City Administrator Philip Rath, met with both the Trails Committee and Shea Greiner of Greater Ottumwa Partners in Progress to clarify that the event will be held this year.  The Trails Committee has held a “walk through” the displays the Friday night before the opening of the event.  “With the proper use of GFCI protectors the park is safe and will allow the event to continue” said Mayor Lazio. If there is inclement weather, especially rain, the GFCI devices will shut down the lights, thus not all displays will light up.  Announcements will be made by GOPIP about the weather during the event.


The Holiday Nights N Lights is an annual event that draws people from the area to see the new and different displays that are changed/added each year. “We are happy that the event will continue and will give families some out of the house time,” said Mayor Lazio.